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Woodstoves are our specialty new and used fireplaces

Ernie & Mary Maifrini are the owners of Ernie's Woodstove Repairs and Sales in Durham, Ontario. Ernie has been buying, selling and restoring woodstoves in Durham since 1992. Ernie's sons, Peter and Ernest, have taken an interest in the business and work along side their father.

Over the years we have restored a large number of stoves dating from the mid 1800's to present day. We have restored, McClary Pandora, Findlay Oval, Enterprise, Renfrew Cookrite, just to name a few.

If you have a stove that belonged to your mother or grandmother perhaps, or if you have found a stove that needs to be restored. No matter what condition it is in, we can restore it.

Our work encompasses all aspects of wood burning stoves from museum quality antiques, to family heirlooms to modern airtights. We do minor repairs or complete rebuilds as necessary after consultation. Whether the stove is just for show or to be restored and installed for use - we can do it.

Our son Peter of Pete's Chimney Services has his WETT certification. He does our installation of new and used woodburning stoves. He also installs new stainless steel chimneys and liners.

For more information please feel free to contact us.


An older woodstove cannot be certified but can be installed to code preferably by someone that is WETT certified. See photo on right to view a ULC approved wall shield, which we have in-stock, that reduced clearances by 84% from 48" to 8" to a combustible wall.

With proper shielding, by using bricks, sheet metal, dura rock or ceramic tiles wall clearances can be reduced from 48" to 24" or 16" to a combustible wall.


Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. wood burning stove restoration Click here to find a certified installer in your area.